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Smiles for everyone! (A thank you note)

What photographer doesn’t love an email praising their work? Especially one with lots of smiley faces in it, from a couple that is smiling ear to ear, and one that has effectively made me smile ear to ear in return!

Thank you for having me share in your day with you, and for letting me do what I love most; capture moments and create spectacular images for you to cherish forever.



WOW WOW WOW! What a GREAT lil sneak peak surprise to wake up to today! You truly are one talented photographer and I Knew I knew I KNEW you would take some amazing photos!

So first off – THANK YOU! Thank you for working so hard at the wedding, for getting this up so quickly (we’re showin’ and sharin’ like crazy!), and for the kind words to boot!:)

I am truly smiling from ear to ear looking at what you’ve shown already!

You are THE BEST:D



Kevin + Jennifer at Stonehurst Paine Estate with Antique Thunderbird

There is nothing I love more than a sporty antique car, enthusiastic couple, and a vintage all-inclusive wedding location. Wait there is actually one more thing I love more; rain that holds off just long enough to let some warm, fall sunshine peek through!

It was such a welcome surprise to hear from Kevin about 6 months ago when he and Jennifer started their search for a wedding photographer. Today, when I saw his face for the first time in about 10 years, I remembered him and his infectious laughter, and wicked sense of humor. It had been a long time since our paths crossed at a bar in Cambridge, MA called the B-Side and an architecture firm down the street. Impressively, he remembered my name all these years from when I was first starting my photo business about 10 years ago. Hopefully, sometime sooner than 10 years, our paths will cross again with the lovely Jennifer by his side! (Ok, our paths will cross a few times in the super near future while we work on albums and such, technicalities!)

Here are a few teasers for the newly weds from their wedding this evening at the Stonehurst Paine Estate in Waltham. You think I may have over-done the amount of photos with the late 1950′s Ford Thunderbird? Nahhhh!;-)

Punk rock flower girl? Or just has an important statement to make? Maybe, “get that camera out of my face”?;-)

Kevin made the wood centerpiece bases, one for every table. Jennifer designed the clay mold for Kevin to follow for his prototype made of stacked plywood. During the process they collaborated with Jeri Soloman of Jeri Floral Design to ensure that their design would work with the fall wildflower theme. Aren’t they absolutely amazing?

An extremely excited winner of one of the custom made centerpieces.


Aysun + Shane at Elm Bank Reservation in Wellesley, MA

Ahhh, Aysun and Shane. A delightful surprise package these two were! At the start of the session Aysun quietly says, “I’ve never done a photo session, I am nervous and have no idea what to do.” I tell her I’ll help direct and that it’ll be fun, and natural, even though it’s just us, and a two big honking cameras in their faces (that’s completely natural, right?). Normally the first set of poses is a warm up, to get people used to the situation, a practice run of sorts. What do I witness as I peek through the viewfinder on this first set-up? A couple that appears to be professional posers. That’s right, pros. I don’t think I directed one pose on this session. I’d pick a location, say “go stand there”, check my camera settings, glance up and BAAM; they’re perfectly posed. Not only that, Aysun worked it with her ever so slight head tilts and hip shifts. I mean, come on! Normally, I’d call someone like this a pool-shark, but since Aysun prefers darts I’m going to call her a dart-shark!;-)